Theme-based Choreography Competition

Dance is for the soul as a pen is for one's thoughts. At Genesis 2020, dance your heart out based on a theme of your choice.

Freestyle Group Dance Competition

From the Spark of Street Dance to the Bounce of B-boying, dance is exhilarating in all its forms. At Unmaad 2020, we welcome dance troops flaunting their moves at the ultimate battle, Footloose.

Just Duet
Duet Dance Competition

It indeed is captivating, to share the stage with someone who complements your moves! This Unmaad, we invite you dancemates to spark-up the stage with your chemistry, sync and double the energy at Just Duet!

Get Set Solo
Solo Dance Competition

If you believe in sailing alone unanchored, get ready for a solo dance competition at Unmaad 2020. The stage is all yours to conquer, sail your way up to glory!

War of Superstars
Indiwood battle

Unmaad 2020 brings you a platform to legitimately mimic your favourite star’s signature moves and build your very own fanbase along the way!