Curtain Call
Stage play

Stage is a motion picture not restricted to 24 frames per second. Own the pulsating stage, weave the endless possibilities of theatre to captivate the audience and make them escape in the reality of your acts.

Nukkad Natak
Street play

Use your voice to unleash the power of speaking out - move the audience with the pitch of your drums and vocal cords. Reweave and revive the social fabric. Let it be a good hustle.


Sometimes two is a crowd. So stand tall alone, let the stage be your play-ground as you immerse your soul and delve in the current of emotions. Seize the moment. You have few minutes to fame.

Mission Improv-able
Improv acting

Expect the unexpected as you are freed from the shackles of script. Let your creative juices flow on-stage as you improvise - one scene at a time.