Fashion & Fine Arts

Haute Couture
Fashion Show Event

Bedazzle the world with your glamour, glitz and panache. Curate the perfect ensembles that recreate a cinematic genre or era - bedecked in timeless elegance, or woven with contemporary reinterpretation to make heads turn, and the paparazzi follow.
This Unmaad, don’t just walk the Red Carpet. Set it on fire!

Survival of The Finest
Fine Arts Relay Event

Art is freedom. It speaks where words cannot express. But can poetry flow uninterrupted from the strokes of your pencil to the nimble fingers of your teammates when the shackles of time have you bound?

It's Flippin' Good
Flipbook Making Event

All it took was a mouse to unearth the world's most iconic cartoonist. What's your inspiration going to be? Here's your chance to find out!

Let loose your inner cartoonist. Bring a character to life and tell the world its story through this unique flipbook making event!

Caught in The Act!
Acrylic Poster Making Event

What is art but a pigment of your imagination? Showcase your finesse with the brush and create a masterpiece inspired by the vibrancy of cinematic expression.
Capture the essence of an iconic movie on the canvas of our souls through this acrylic poster making event!

Live The Dream
Dreamcatcher Making Event

Ever been enamoured by the mystic charm and intricate beauty of dreamcatchers? Well, here’s your chance to design and create your very own!
Come along, it’s about time we made dreams come true!