Lits & Quizzes

Kissa Kaviyon Ka
Hindi Poetry

Genuine poetry has the power to communicate even before it is understood. So come, speak the language of love and laughter. Breathe in the experience and breathe out poetry.

Quizzards of Unmaad
Open General Quiz

Unleash the trivia trapped in those grey cells, combine it with a tinge of instinct and add a dash of speed: and now you're all set to receive the Oscar for the Unmaad quiz.

Sp-Ent Enough?
Sports and Entertainment Quiz

If binge watching TV shows is your guilty pleasure or if you can practically coach a sports team with all that you know about the games, then lights, camera, shoot: this is the quiz you want to win. And with all those crazy hours in front of the screen or on the field, win you will.


The script of your words, the direction of your wit, the light of your humour: we're ready to shoot, can you keep rolling for 60 seconds?


Will all the world's words work towards making you worthy of worship? Be lost in this expression of inquisitiveness and find the logophile inside of you!

The Silent Movie
Dumb Charades

The ultimate test to express is here! Do you love cinema? Do you think you know enough cinema? If you do, it's time for everyone to get swayed, with your strong game of charades!

Gag in the bag
Speaking Event

Get the gag in the bag, there's enough for you to brag, but heck dont let it drag, macha, have you got that swag? 'Coz we're looking out for our next laughter stag!

Pursuit of Dispute

Want to be heard? Don't raise your voice, improve your stance. It's a warfront of arguments, find your battlecry and let the storm rage on!

Pen Express
Creative Writing

We welcome you onboard to this journey of creative imagination and articulate writing, which takes you through a series of quirky challenges to your destination of a writer's paradise!