Voice of Unmaad
Solo Singing (Eastern and Western)

Be it the mesmerizing alaaps of Indian raagas or the scintillating harmonies of Western classics, grab the mic and pour your heart out!
Lights, sound check, bring it on!

B School of Rock
Battle of Bands

Tune your guitar, hit that bass and grab your chance to fame.
Join in on the Euphoria!

B - Tuned!
Solo Instrumental

If you can express yourself with music more than words, If plink of a guitar, thaap of a tabla or ethereal hum of a flute harmonizes with the beat of your heart,
Then grab the opportunity to take the audience to your musical world!

No strings attached
Acoustic fusion band

We at Unmaad bring your band the opportunity to make us swoon over your beautiful renditions.
So, hop on and let your music shine!

Can you duet?
Duet Singing competition

Have you found the Yin to your musical Yang? Does your music have the power to leave the audience spellbound?
If yes, then here’s a chance to show us what you’ve got and JUST DUET!

Solo Rap competition

This Unmaad, we bring to you an opportunity to experience the hip-hop culture. Here’s a showdown for all the rap enthusiasts!
Let’s witness who becomes the next Rap God!