Online Events

Short Cuts
Short film making

So you think you are an auteur? Unmaad gives you the opportunity to showcase the inner Hitchcock inside you. Dazzle the audience with your vision that only a camera can bring out.

Honest Plots
Ruin a movie in one line

Have you ever walked out of a movie wondering what you just saw? Here's your chance to rant, but make brevity your friend, coz one line is all you got!

Trailer Mash
Trailer Mashup

Have a movie script but no budget? Fret not! All the world's movies are at your disposal! Can you show us a trailer of your plot?

Meme Wars
Meme thread competition

How extreme can you go to make your meme? Pick your theme, but make sure it's not too mainstream!

Virtual Expedition
Online Treasure Hunt

Gear up for an experience of utopian cinema- with a perfect blend of suspense, thrill, drama, joy and hardship- as you battle through hints that test your reel knowledge!