Fashion & Fine Arts

Haute Couture:
Golden Crush

Calling all fashion visionaries to illuminate 'Golden Crush'! Embrace haute couture's charm as fashion intertwines with storytelling. Unleash your creativity, such as crafting narratives spun from the gilded allure of the golden desert, or the enchanting golden hour. Think of the legendary golden dragon, or the serenity of golden gardens, where floral motifs and natural elements dance in the sun's golden embrace. Your designs, an opulent canvas, shall embody these tales, radiating a symphony of style and innovation.

Date: 24th February '24
Prizes Worth: 140K

Tattoo Making competition:
Beneath the Ink

Welcome to ‘Beneath the Ink’, where creativity knows no bounds and the human body becomes a canvas for artistic expression. We invite artists to bring their visions to life by painting and drawing intricate, imaginative designs on the skin using temporary paints. Create a piece that moves its audience and earn the title of ‘Prodigal Artist’ of Unmaad'24!

Date: 25th February '24
Prizes Worth: 25K

Fabric Painting: Floral Fantasia

Immerse yourself in a floral wonderland at our fabric painting contest, where creativity blossoms! Embrace the carnival's golden spirit by painting vibrant blooms on fabric canvases, and turn them into wearable art for a vibrant stroll. Join us for an expressive fusion of art and fashion, celebrating the beauty of florals in motion.

Date: 24th February '24
Prizes Worth: 35K